Powerful, Easy-to-use Analytics Dashboad

The ability to analyze incident data is critical in protecting businesses and ultimately helping determine why incidents occur. SwordPoint works with each client to set parameters such as identifying the number of incidents, frequency, classifying severity, cost to revenue and sales, potential financial risk outstanding or traditional financial cost by incident. Companies can use this information to spot trends in frequency based on many parameters including project, territory, manager, or potential risk.

SwordPoint products allow easy access to incident details and give management the ability to view incidents across the organization. Built-in reporting allows for trend identification and analysis so companies can make better informed decisions based on incident data and allocate resources for more effective risk management and increased mitigation.

SwordPoint aids a variety of industries including Cruise and Maritime, Restaurant, and Construction through its environmental, observation, health & safety, and global security products.

Powerful Cases

An existing client was experiencing increased cost for security and claims litigation. The organization developed a multi-year plan employing SwordPoint’s Global Security Incident Management System (GSIMS). Return on investment due to data collection, real-time awareness, evaluation and corrective action was 10X annually and millions of dollars with biggest impact in decrease of claims paid and litigation.

Through the use of Observation and Coaching Incident Management System (OCIMS) a client was able to establish more awareness among employees for positive and negative incidents. The ultimate goal for the company was to analyze the data and create actions to apply to improve the business. The positive results across the company were implemented as best practices. The negative observations were used as guidance on where to improve operations and better train employees. As a result, there have been over 300,000 observations reported for action and improvement creating millions of dollars in savings in the two years of using the system.