Tracking, notification, and response:
  • Highly secure web-based application designed exclusively to track incidents that require response, monitering, and/or adherence to government compliance and regulation.
  • System prioritizes severity of incidents and provides notification to appropriate management personnel for timely decisions and necessary guidance to staff.
  • System communicates standard operating procedure tasks to personnel on the scene to ensure the proper response through consistent procedure.
  • All products have a component to track the usuage of equipment and confirm whether safety policies were properly followed.
  • Tracks, stores, and prompts for victim and witness statements, photographs, CCTV footage and other valuable support materials that may be required during incident litigation.
  • Creates an accountability ledger for managing risk at both operational and corporate levels and for improving performance in the future.
Ease of use/interoperability:
  • Limited bandwidth requirements allow the system to operate efficiently over wireless, cellular, and satellite Internet connections.
  • Users create and respond to emails from within the system using an innovative method that combines the power of SwordPoint and your existing email service. All communications are stored within the system.
  • Extensive system administration section allows for easy customization of all drop-downs.
  • Multiple levels of user groups allow various levels of access depending upon "need to know" at management's discretion.
  • Quick and easy creation of reports as system allows for information fields to be automatically populated.
Analysis and Reporting:
  • Users upload, store, and maintain supporting documentation, photographs, and video for each incident.
  • All data can be downloaded to various Microsoft Excel formats for detailed analysis or integrated to communicate with existing databases.
  • Automatic report creation and distribution for internal use and local, state, and federal government agencies if required.
  • Instant data analysis for key metrics, such as number and severity of incidents, cost, and time associated with resolution of incidents, and causal factors.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Microsoft ASP.NET 4.0 Architecture with extensive use of AJAX & HTML5
  • Completely standalone. Requires no legacy software.
  • Internet Information Services 7.0
Available Formats:
  • Licensable dedicated installation on your servers or ours OR
  • Software as a service (SAAS) model
  • Stores data on servers housed in a secure environment with offsite backup.
Hosting and Coding:
  • The SIMS suite of products are created with Microsoft’s ASP.NET. They store and manipulate data using Microsoft SQL Server to achieve enterprise level performance.
  • They may be hosted on your servers or ours running the Windows operating system and Microsoft Internet Information Services.
  • The use of Microsoft SQL Server allows us to guarantee that virtually any legacy data you have can be imported and made available in the appropriate SIMS product.