ESIMS - Environmental Security Incident Management System –
  • Ability for a user to enter, track and report on any kind of environmental incidents. These include spills, discharges and disposal of virtually any product, accidental or deliberate.
  • This solution tracks all critical information concerning the incident including When, Where, What, Why, How and by Whom.
  • Automatic generation of federal and international forms including EPA, OSHA and for maritime the United States Coast Guard Oil form and Flag State Oil Forms.
  • Automatic notification to staff and/or authorities based on severity of incident.
  • Ability to upload supporting documentation. Supporting documentation can be any type of digital media, typically photos, statements, MSDS Sheets, etc.
  • Tracking and analysis of contributing factors.
  • Communications and an Action Taken Log.
    Port Matrix
    The Environmental Matrix product addresses a need for logistics, specifically directed at ships masters and employees to understand precisely what the regulations are for each port that they visit. In lieu of specific port regulations the system reverts to local regulations, sovereign regulations and then company policy in that order. The ultimate output of the system is an itinerary report for up to 10 ports that shows regulations for 18 different categories.
Actual Waste Landed
  • This tool allows for the tracking of all waste landed or discharged. For instance, in maritime situations it tracks the port, ship, cost, transporter, purchase order and invoice number for each event.
  • Tracks the type of material, quantity in various units of measurement, and in the case of hazardous materials, the EPA code(s) for each.
Refrigerant Tracking
  • Tracks the inventory of various types of Freon at multiple locations.
  • Tracks amount purchased (added to inventory) or amount consumed (deleted from inventory).
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GSIMS – Global Security Incident Management System –
  • Uses GIS capabilities and trend mapping for incidents and efficient allocation of assets.
  • Communications chronology, actions taken chronology and the ability to upload supporting documentation.
  • Automatically generate reports such as Crime Allegation.
  • Automatically generate report to National & International Authorities, including Flag State for Maritime, of alleged serious violations of law.
  • Automatically generate reports to FBI, USCG or Local Law Enforcement of alleged serious violations of law. Provides security for identity protection in addition to aiding in physical security.
  • Files paperwork to internal and external entities as required.
  • Provides for timely notification of staff when an event exceeds a certain threshold.
  • Uploads security checklists and implements processes to minimize risk.
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SSIMS – Safety & Security Incident Management System –
  • Tracking of all personal injury related incidents for guests and employees. Incident types range from “slips/trips/falls” to death.
  • Communications chronology, actions taken chronology and the ability to upload supporting documentation.
  • Automatically generate required forms, such as maritime CG-2692 (U.S. Coast Guard report of marine accident, injury or death)
  • Automatically generate country or state casualty report forms such as maritime (CRF-1)
  • Provides hard data instead of anecdotal accounts for security, safety, and corporate staff.
  • Complements corporate and institutional strategies, operations, financial interests, and compliance needs.
  • Provides the “whole picture” due to the uniformity of data collection.
  • Provides software prompts and tools for robust information gathering following any incident.

HIMS – Health Incident Management System –
  • Reports on water safety, pest management, gastrointestinal illness
  • Including Legionella and Microbiological Testing, Biofilm Treatment, Bed Bug Incidents, Internal and External Inspection Observations, and Outbreaks
  • Provides real time data analysis for tracking issues to vendors, locations and potential future threats
  • Only collects non-confidential data for analysis
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OCIMS – Observation & Coaching Incident Management System –
  • Reports of positive / negative observations
  • Users access simple interface with option of anonymity
  • Prompts of corrective action once submitted
  • Identifies areas within operations for improvement
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CIMS – Construction Incident Management System –
  • Establish workflow process for different types of incidents
  • Automate investigation process and task assignments & reminders
  • Link incident investigations to applicable regulations providing evidence of compliance
  • Track the status of incident investigations
  • Record resolution actions for compliance reporting and audits
  • Securely store sensitive incident documentation and related information
  • Improve risk management through incident tracking and trends
  • Toolbox Talks, site safety check list and safety policies by incident
  • Regulatory and client policy
  • OSHA logs and Workers Comp reporting
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